Riso and Why We Use it


Risograph (or Riso for short) is an eco-friendly method of printing efficiently and reliably. It works differently from other machines, and has characteristics which are more similar to a stencil duplicator, where the original image is scanned through the machine to create a master sheet, which wraps around an ink drum. The master sheet has the image stencilled on, and paper is then fed into the machine to pass through the sheet and ink to create a print.

With its use of soy ink Riso printing is without question better for our environment, as it is low in chemical compounds normally found in petroleum based ink that cause air pollution, therefore reducing waste both in relation to recycling ink as well as paper. Besides the fact that it makes the world a better place, we genuinely believe that printing with Riso makes the colours richer and more vibrant, giving each print more personality than other methods can offer. The paper we use is either FSC® Certified or recycled.

Our products are all proudly printed in our studio with two of our own Riso RP-3700 machines, and subsequently assembled, measured, cut, and bound to produce our final products in-house as well. We currently stock 14 of our favourite colours, which can be seen on our colour charts here: 


Drop us an email at riso@beforebreakfast.london for a quote if you need some riso printing done!