Black Edition: Weekly Planner

Black Edition: Weekly Planner


For those who love everything black. 

There is so much time in a single day, yet for some reason or another, you cannot accomplish what you originally intend to get done,and your whole week does not go as planned. Our aim is to let you break down your daily tasks more effectively between AM and PM, as well as letting you keep track of how you feel at the end of each day. We hope that you will end each week with a happy mood.

Dimensions: 188 x 132 mm
Material: 90 gsm / 270 gsm FSC® Certified Paper
Binding: Loop (Silver) or Flat (Copper) Stitching

RISO Ink: Fluoro-orange (805U) + Black (Black U)

56 PAGES (27 Weeks)

Handmade In London

Book Binding:
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