Reflections and Resolutions


Welcome to the first (hopefully of many) chapter of our 2018 Journal to mark a new beginning to a new year! 

Although we began our journey designing and producing our own branded paper goods and everyday objects in 2016, it was really only last year that things really kicked off. There was a lot of trial and error involved in almost every step of the process - from fine tuning our creative identity to constantly worrying about a number of practical and logistical issues that are part and parcel of any business. 

While there certainly were times where we struggled, the lessons learned more than made up for the tough times. Our earlier piece entitled Design In The Making was our little confession that creating our products and getting them out there was not all smooth sailing and the bottom line is that it is actually okay to struggle towards your goal. We are always reminding ourselves that it was never meant to be easy, but we chose to design and make our products because this is where our passion lies. 

2017 was very productive for us; we started our Riso printing service, did two pop-ups (the Corner Shop at Craft Central, which sadly, is no longer around), took part in two trade shows (Pulse and Top Drawer), released our new range of paper goods at the London Design Fair in September, and re-launched our website in October. We wrapped things up just before Christmas at the Design Museum Market, which was a great way to bring the year to a close. Slowly and surely our products can be found in more and more stores. And all in all, it has been a lot of fun! 

Thanks to the support and positive feedback from so many of you on our notebooks, planners and notepads, we have grown more assured in our creative direction. Our work does not stop there though - it is, after all, a new year and in the spirit of tradition, we are making a resolution to work even harder to improve on our existing designs, while at the same time thinking up innovative ideas for some new products. So, you should most definitely be expecting a new range of stationery from us this year.

Nicki Shen