Design In The Making


In the making of every product, there is always a point when we take a moment to reflect on our experience of creating the object we had imagined. And it is not until we take a moment to pause that we realise that the journey is far more layered that we had given it credit for.

When beginning a design, the only part we can be sure of is the end point; the product will ultimately be completed, but whether we arrive where we intended or somewhere completely new is all down to the journey. The tools we use, the materials we choose and the people we work with along the way are the elements that determine where we end up. That is to say, the design happens in the making. If we look carefully at each stage of the making process, we can see how each element stimulates and inspires new ideas that change the final product. The stages are like chapters in a novel, and the elements are the protagonists. The protagonists determine where the plot ultimately leads us. Often, decisions come from a careful and intentional analysis, but occasionally a moment of spontaneity or an unexpected challenge surprises us and we find ourselves somewhere entirely different.

Whether our choices are made mathematically or by trial and error, they are always made with these elements in mind. There may be a clear blueprint right from the start, but the design process does not end there. We continuously look to change, improve or simplify. There is no way to separate the two processes; design and making are inextricably intertwined.

Nicki Shen