Before Breakfast is a design and Riso print studio based in London, creating contemporary and sustainable handcrafted stationery for everyday practical use.

The brand was created by Nicki Shen in 2016. In the few years leading up to the formation of the brand, Nicki had been questioning how she had been spending her time more effectively and got into the habit of trying to achieve something meaningful before breakfast every day. Simple routine actions such as regular exercise and using a planner gave her a renewed approach to her life. Her daily objectives were completed with more joy and a lot less stress when she dedicated some time first thing in the morning to plan ahead. It somehow reminded her of the quote from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." This gave Nicki the inspiration to create functional yet contemporary handcrafted products in an attempt to make simple everyday tasks a little easier and more fun to do. 

Our paper goods are all handmade in-house and printed using soy-based inks with Riso printers. Before Breakfast takes great pride and joy in seeing out the entire process from the onset of a design to its end product. There is always an unexpected journey en route to completing a product; the tools used, the materials chosen and the people who work together along the way are the elements that determine the characteristics of a product, giving it its own personality.